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Our backpacks are inspired by patchwork and durability. We make sure they are spacious, sustainable, long lasting. Vibrance is of the essence – you have never seen such bags anywhere before! 


Breathable, buoyant and beautiful. Our masks are made of cotton and make it easy to wash and reuse them. They  come in two sizes to facilitate ease. The reversible designs promote flexibility and style. We believe prioritizing your safety and still keeping up with the trends on the streets need not be mutually exclusive.

Sling Bag

Our sling bags are perfect for when you want a small storage solution for your outings. An amalgamation of appliqué and quilted designs, these bags have different compartments for your needs and are ready to match the most colourful of your outfits.

Toilet Bag

Our toilet bags are coded to make your storage a delightful experience. With designated compartments and a waterproof plastic lining, you need not worry about leaks or stains while you’re away having your adventures. Our design philosophy ensures a trendy, vibrant look for each piece. 


We believe in making your everyday beautiful in small and delightful ways. Our diaries are made of fine paper, and set in cloth-bound covers with designs stitched in seamlessly. Pen your thoughts down in a pretty little hideaway. Better yet – get it customized to have your name threaded onto the cover.

Stationary Pouch

We’ve got your small storage needs covered with our adorable hand-stitched, machine-washable pouches. Whether you’re planning on using it as a make-up carrier, travel-friendly stationery bag or for a variety of different knick-knacks, your pieces will seem tasteful, regardless. Some of our pouches come in different sizes with matching designs, tailored specially for your needs.

Shopping Bag

Durable but not dreary. Buy from our range of bags to make sure your groceries look lovely, and so do you! Our bags are spacious, and easy to carry. We emphasize on sustainability and buying a washable, reusable shopping bag helps you do your bit and reach an achievable environmental goal. Make that choice today!

Tote Bag

 If you’re looking for a bag that is versatile enough to fold and slip into your handbag, but sturdy enough to assist you when you’re shopping – look no further. Our tote bags feature our favourite appliqué designs, and are great for holding items like books, clothes, and even some light on-the-go grocery shopping.

Hot Water Bottle Cover

We at Purkul aim for the perfect balance between charm and usability. Our hot bottle covers come in a range of colours, and give you that added layer of protection and change up the boring default look of a regular hot water bottle into something a little more special.

Potli Bag (small & big)

We design our potli bags with the idea of making them elegant, festive and vivid at the same time. We design these bags in two sizes to enable your needs. They are the perfect carriers for small gifts (like edible items, jewellery and so on) and even knick-knacks of your own. Customize our bags to your own functionality and have fun with them!

Kanta Shopping Bag

Bold quilting, interesting colour schemes and prints galore - the Kanta shopping bag is a sturdy, vibrant solution to your shopping needs and comes in a variety of designs. It’s all about putting the fun in functionality!

Wash Bag

Waterproof, non-compartmentalized bags that make storage easy and practical. Carry your toiletries, leakables, cosmetics and other products with elegance, and not worry. Our design philosophy ensures a trendy, vibrant look for each piece. 

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