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Baby Quilt

Our range of baby quilts house animal motifs and pleasing designs that capture the joy and comfort of a childhood blanket. The care that goes into making them is unprecedented - it takes an artisan one fortnight or more to complete a single quilt. The pieces are double sided, so you always have the option to switch up the look. Warmth, comfort and durability are guaranteed!

Kid's Pouch

Our bright kids’ pouches strive to remove the dullness of school and replace it with spirit. The divided compartments make way for quick storage and compartmentalization. They’re easy to wash too – just pop them into the washing machine with your other laundry and you’re good to go.

Play Mat

Our play mats aim to make your child’s play-time seamless and bright. Made out of breathable cotton, they’re never harsh on the skin, light to carry, and easy to store. They’re hand-stitched with the idea of being colourful enough to capture your child’s boundless imagination!

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