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Project Purkul is a cloth-based handicrafts collective driven by intricacies of technique. We use patchwork, applique and quilting methodologies to create pieces that decorate your home, add functionality and colour to your kitchen, and bring a balanced blend of comfort and beauty to your personal accessories. From applique diaries with covers that tell a tale, to jungle -themed table runners and adorable animal motifs on cushion covers to adorn your moments of lounging - we are committed to bringing you quality, delightful design, and long-term, sustainable value.


We operate from the idyllic Village Purkul that skirts the foothills of Mussoorie. Most of our artisans have carried the skills and nurtured them in hand for about a decade or more, and are working to preserve this home-grown craft.


Making Dreams Come True

There are many prerequisites for a social-entrepreneurship project to sustain itself, but the most important one is the will to add value. Value not only in terms of financial stability but empowerment and a sense of belonging. Project Purkul was a result of this will clubbed with a holistic range of experience. In the middle of the COVID crisis, an idea to advance employment and autonomy was put into action. A designated space was created for the ladies to work their magic. A group of dynamic individuals with bouts of creativity and fresh perspective came together. What all these elements have in common is a passion for the craft.

Turning a Vision

into Reality

Project Purkul is more than a collective dedicated to bringing you personal accessories and quality decor for your home. We emphasize the idea of area-wide empowerment. And what sets us apart is that we view empowerment as a twofold thing. Here, we learn from each other, we teach each other discipline, skill, art, and create opportunities for growth. We aim to unlock Purkul’s potential, and create academic spaces for children, for people to collect, collaborate, share ideas, learn new skills, and chisel already acquired talents - a think-tank for discussion and action.

There is a little revolution in all of us. Project Purkul aims to bring it out to where it’s really needed – the community and its people. 

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