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After being diagnosed with cancer, French artist Henri Matisse still found a way to break barriers - using paper cuttings and a collage method that was uncharted territory, and extremely different from his regular format. He termed this revolutionary turn in his style “a second life”. A fitting way to continue his artistic pursuit regardless of the atrocities of fate. 


Moved by the artist's perseverance and imaginative spirit regardless of being confined to a life of debilitating unease, we have created a range of shopping bags, cushion covers, table runners, quilts, and sling bags, that embody his motifs. Our designer Somya Dhiman drew inspiration for this collection when she witnessed the late artists’ work on display at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. 


A whole, they say, is more than just a sum of its parts. And this is what our crazy patch collection is all about! Fusing pieces in different colours, fabrics and prints from varying material, we patch like no tomorrow - and what we get is a pleasant frenzy of hue. Crazy patch pieces try to find a sense of vibrant harmony in a world of chaos, a common thread that unites elements together.


Crazy patch embodies versatility, and encourages creativity from that which may otherwise go unused. It is, alongside being an artistic endeavour, an effort to maintain sustainability and reduce waste. We make use of this design philosophy in shopping bags, cushion covers, stationery pouches and wash bags among other things, as part of this collection.


Owls embody both, the sharpness of a predator and the quirks of a lone chirpy wanderer. Their music is hardly loud, but lilting. A distant, chilling hoot in the middle of the night that suggests that for better or for worse - you are not alone.


In our affectionately titled collection Ullu, we play with the owl motif, and explore all its moods and shades. We incorporate this well-loved element into a range of adorable buntings, cushion covers, hot water bottle covers, tea cosies, quilts and more. Conceptualized to brighten up your everyday, we play with the zest and watchful elegance of this bird in all the pieces that belong to this range.


Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is a voice that still resonates in contemporary culture. Her work contains dauntless depictions of her physical and psychological states whilst never compromising on vibrance.


Da Kahlo embodies the values of fearless expression, identity and finding the truth that exists within you. This is what makes her such a relevant figure, even today. Inspired by her boldness, we at Project Purkul compiled the Frida collection, where we celebrate the artist through iconography on our pouches, cushion covers and more. We pay homage to Frida’s vivacity and her expression of womanhood through this collection, and hope that people can find her fire within themselves, just like we do. 

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